These are some of the people working with us on Camden Is...
When Camden Council started on the journey of applying to win London Borough of Culture, we knew that we wanted our bid to be shaped by Camden’s communities. Our consultation approach needed to reflect this. Read all about our consultation and the poem "On Top of the Hill" by Camden poet Polarbear!
"From the Top of this Hill" by Polarbear, inspired by our consultation for Camden Is
Guest article by Philip Parr from Parrabola on their consultation workshops in Camden
To celebrate the end of Camden Flux, It's Nice That has teamed up with Camden Council and asked four brilliant LGBTQ creatives to join us for 50 Years On: one night at Central St Martins, Granary Square on Wednesday 1 November to speak about their work across art, design, fashion and film through the lens of their personal experiences, asking what it means to identify as LGBTQ in the creative industry in the UK – and wider world – 50 years on.
As part of her residency at Swiss Cottage Gallery, artist Vishwa Shroff will be doing research and developing new work inspired by Camden’s many floors, all built between 1757 and 1947. She will be working at Swiss Cottage Gallery daily, culminating in an exhibition of her work. 
As part of Camden Kalã, Project Paisley invited the Camden community to take part in creating a Paisley design in workshops led by artist Saj Fareed. The designs inspired ‘Camden Paisley’ a unique artwork for Swiss Cottage Library by Fareed. Through a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern, ‘Camden Paisley’ represents the social fabric and vibrant communities that make up the Borough. 
We began our consultation for our brand new Cultural Frame work in March 2017. Through that process we had conversations with with local cultural institutions, community groups and leaders in the creative sector. We have continued these conversations and fed them directly into our London Borough of Culture bid. This enabled us to make a more community led consultation process.
Alexis Peskine’s work has been featured in many publications, from books to prestigious newspaper such as the New York Times, Le Monde, O Correio da Bahia or Libération. His powerful portraits, literally nailed into wooden planks, pay tribute to the many individuals undertaking the dangerous boat journeys from North Africa to Europe. He drives in the nails at different depths to create a sense of relief and to introduce a third dimension. He solo show Power Figures is on display at October Gallery from 13 September to 21 October, 2017.
The largest of London’s hidden rivers, the Fleet is an unsung hero of Camden that informed the city structure north of the River Thames. Be it in the naming of streets, the positioning of railway stations or the location of markets and industries, there are subtle references to the river all along the route from source to the mouth at Blackfriars Bridge. Read more about its history here!