Behind the Scenes

Here are some of the people working with us on Camden Is...telling us about their experience

Simon Waller, Photographer:

"When I was asked to photograph the people of Camden for Camden Is... I fully expected a challenge, considering I would be asking real people to take time out of their busy days to model for me! But everyone I approached as part of the project were very happy to engage and really open to the idea. Those I spoke to were very supportive of Camden's bid to be London's Borough of Culture. And many of them roped in their friends to take part too.

Personally I very much enjoyed the experience of using 'real' subjects for this series of portraits rather than professional models. And being in Camden there was a fantastic mix of people to shoot, resulting in a wonderfully eclectic series of pictures. It was a pleasure working with the team from LBoC who are all committed to enhancing the lives of those who live in the borough!"

Melvyn Williams, Model:

"I feel honored that Love Camden has used my photo to promote Camden as the London Borough of Culture. I have seen my photo at many bus shelters around the borough and have had friends and people I know coming up to me, telling they have seen my photo. Where I volunteer for Scope on Camden High Street the bus stop there has a poster of my photo, and the people where I volunteer have popped out of the shop to go and have a look at it.

I met the Mayor of Camden yesterday at an event where I asked him about the posters, and he told me he has seen them too. I am glad to contribute to Camden by letting them use my photo to promote the borough as the Borough of Culture. What I love about Camden is the richness of culture and diversity, its music and arts. I feel privileged to be a part of Camden."