Awaken the Goddess Festival  Saturday 28 July 2018

Awaken the Goddess Festival

Haverstock School
24 Haverstock Hill
Chalk Farm
Event time
9:15am - 6:00pm
Market only - FREE Entry
28 Jul 2018
Next event: 28 Jul 2018

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Awaken the Goddess Festival. Immerse yourself in a day of exploration, healing and feminine grace. You will learn how to harness your female energies to create the life you were born to live. Delve into subjects such as the divine feminine, creativity, shamanism, energy healing, holistic health, spirituality and sexuality. 

We have organised a full programme of talks, workshops and classes for you to experience. There is also a vibrant market place to explore because you deserve to invest in yourself. So indulge in something you want, have a reading or healing session, maybe buy a gift for your loved ones. You might even meet the healer, coach or course leader that will change your life! Whatever you come for, you are guaranteed to leave full of inspiration and feminine fire.

Talks and Workshops include:

The Feminine as Power

Understanding the Feminine as the universal power from which all manifest form is birthed, may be the foundational context that restores respect for the Feminine (and therefore women). This context allows women to understand both their collective and individual significance.

The Secrets of Female Orgasm

This workshop teaches us how to connect the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of sexuality and how to have orgasms very easily and intensely

From Maiden to Crone

Revisit the narrative of Feminine Empowerment in this illuminating workshop on reclaiming your true power and unique self-expression, wherever you are in your life-path between maiden and crone.

Your Mind's I

Discover how to reprogramme your self-image in alignment with your true life's purpose. Learn the tools to start to live a life of passion. 

Heart Circle

Sit in circle to connect with your deepest self - all of HER - every aspect of YOU will be welcomed on this beautiful heartwarming journey to the most beautiful woman in the world - YOU.

Womb Awakening 

Learn how to open the Magical Doorway Within: an hour of tapping and activating your feminine power centre.

Touching the Wild one

Sit in circle to see what unfolds, honour yourself through sensual meditation. Explore colour. Peel away the layers to reveal your authentic, wonderful mess. 

The Jade Egg

Learn Jade Egg practices to transform negative emotions and traumas, awaken your sexual energy as a healing and creative force to manifest your desires.

The Violet Flame of Amenti

Learn how you can use the Ancient Egyptian alchemical tool for spiritual transformation to heal, protect and transmute.

Twin Eagle Shaman Power

Learn how to draw out your Shaman Power from within your being and receive your power animals, work with the power of the elements, directions of the north, south, east, west and more.

Isis Magic

Learn about the Goddess Isis and how her magic can transform your life

Personal Transformation Through Colour

Understand how to use the psychology of colour to enhance any aspect of your life and achieve your hearts deepest longings

Past Lives

Ever been curious about past lives? Deja-Vu? Been here before? Met a stranger who you feel you already know? Kim will explore the concept in this insightful talk

Standing in Love with No Fear 

Nici will give you crystalline tools and insights to help you overcome the fear of standing or being in love

Sound Journey

Come and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sounds!

Flowing in Your Authenticity

Explore what it means to live in your authentic self. Enjoy a mini vision board session and step by step goal setting