Emily Motto - HOLDFAST at Chalton Gallery

Chalton Gallery
96 Chalton Street
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Opening reception: Wednesday 19 December 6-9pm. The work will be visible from the street 24/7 until 12 January, and open to walk through during gallery hours. Open Tues: 8am - 3pm and Weds to Sat: 11am - 5:45pm
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HOLDFAST 19 December 2018 – 12 January 2019

Chalton Gallery has invited Emily Motto to make a work for the gallery window this winter. The room-scale sculptural ‘sketch’ Holdfast will fill the full space of the gallery, playing with both flat marks and surfaces, and tactile forms and materials, that stretch traditional ideas of drawing and image making. Made for window viewing, the sketch will play with the window as surface, viewfinder, boundary and framing device.

Layering stretched gestures and marks through the space amongst precarious cardboard constructions, fragile concrete forms, and delicately symbiotic structures, the work will play with unsteadiness and tangibility at a distance. Holdfast has stemmed from a crucial tension in Motto's practice between the flat and the voluminous. She is fascinated in relationships that images and photographs can have within multidimensional sculptural environments, in particular disparities between the permanence of their content and materiality.

Structures will be made in the space together with Chalton Street residents, NHYC, and the Somers Town community who share the road with the gallery, in open drawing sessions throughout December. Shapes will collaboratively form, with structures and balances falling into place, relative to the bodies that make and explore the work. The work will be visible from the street 24/7 from 19 December – 12 January, and open to walk through during gallery hours.

Opening reception: Wednesday 19 December 6-9pm  

Chalton Gallery 

96 Chalton St 

NW1 1HJ London