Origin Housing

One of the winners of the 2015 Camden Business Awards talk to us about working with the Camden community

Origin Housing won the Outstanding Contribution to the Community award at The Camden Business Awards 2015 for their Time Banking Scheme which encouraged volunteers to organise activities that promote positive people and strong communities.

"Origin Housing own and manage 7000 homes across London and Hertfordshire. We work extensively with the London Borough of Camden. Placing an emphasis on community development, we run projects designed to promote positive people and strong communities.

Origin Housing’s highly successful Time Banking Scheme won us the Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award in The Camden Business Awards in 2015. Members of the scheme contributed an hour of their time to build up credits, which could be exchanged with other members.

Our Time Banking Scheme didn’t just target one group of people, but brought together residents, professionals and members of the Camden community. The purpose of the scheme was to address four core social issues – reduced incomes, unemployment, social wellbeing and isolation.

Time Banking creates an alternative economy. This means that services can be paid for in skills, rather than money. Training courses were run by volunteers and participants commented that the courses gave them the confidence to start applying for jobs. Our extensive programme of activities included the monthly cream tea club for anyone over the age of 65, attended by over 40 people each month.

The positive impacts of the scheme, within just an 18 month time period, were huge. The scheme attracted 128 volunteers, helped to deliver 20 projects and delivered 1140 hours of volunteer time."

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