Swiss Cottage Gallery: 2014

Primarily based at Swiss Cottage Library Gallery for the duration of the residency, Frances Scott investigated how the environments of both institutions might be ‘read’ using different forms of knowledge, from the rational to the mystical.
Writing Table remodeled one of the interior furnishings that Swiss Cottage Library’s original architect, Basil Spence, designed for the library in 1964. Nine newly created versions of Basil Spence writing tables were dispersed throughout the library, to be used as tables by the public for the duration of the exhibition.
Artist filmmaker Nicola Lane’s mother Diana was born in Cyprus on 15th August 1914, the month and year WWI was declared. On July 17th 2014, a 1934 photograph of Diana’s 20th birthday lunch party was re-enacted in Swiss Cottage Gallery. Through the relic of the photograph and its re-enactment, audiences and participants could explore the enduring vigour of human contact and the power of relics and archives within history and living memory.
Open Open at Swiss Cottage Gallery: 2014