Camden Council have teamed up with Hemingway Design to build Refill Station Camden - their first trailer stall made from reclaimed and recycled materials!
This winter, there will be several markets to support the release of Refill Stations around Camden. 
This month we interviewed Simeon Hammond Dallas, a singer-songwriter from London’s Camden Town. An overactive mind and a desire to live a life like a travel montage from a rom-com provide the inspiration for her music; a folky bluesy country-soul amalgamation. An enemy of dichotomy, her music is soft and vulnerable while packing a punch at the same time.
This month we interviewed dancer and choreographer Joseph Toonga, artistic director of East London-based Just Us Dance Theatre. His latest work Born To Manifest is at The Place in Euston on Saturday 16 November.
The Music Walk of Fame confirms 19 November in Camden for founding stone and first artist stone unveiling

Activities for Interfaith Week and Mitzvah Day in Camden 2019
10 - 17 NOVEMBER 2019
This month we interviewed Irish poet and performer Sinead O’Brien, headlining Roundhouse Rising with her unique fusion of spoken lyrics and art rock. Playing live with her band and collaborators; Julian Hanson (guitar) and Oscar Robertson (drums), Sinead’s transfixing performances are placing her at the forefront of the resurgent post-punk wave
This year marks 100 years since the Housing and Town Planning Act 1919 gave councils the power and funding to build homes, introducing council housing as we know it. We’re celebrating 100 years of council housing in Camden with a photography competition
Our round-up of this Weekends' events around Camden. Including theatre, art, music and much more!
This wall art explores stories of journey, arrival and hope by people making Cromer Street their home. It was made by aerosol artist Mohammed Ali who worked with residents to reveal stories from the neighbourhood.