Black History Month 2019: Performances.
October is the nationwide celebration of Black History Month. Check out highlights of the exhibitions happening around Camden.
Open House London, the world’s largest architectural showcase will take place 21 & 22 September
Sunday 22nd September will be London’s biggest ever Car Free Day, each play street will be part of a worldwide event and one of at least 200 streets across the capital marking the day in this way.
To mark the centenary of Armistice the artist Kasper Pincis was commissioned to produce an art work that reflects back on Armistice day and more broadly on the themes of remembrance and peace.
Small Steps and Giant Leaps - Bloomsbury Festival 2019 announces its first events
Check out the exciting things you can do all around Camden this weekend. Including Gigs, Festivals and more!
Interested in body adornment? Metal? Jewellery?
Free jewellery making workshops
Kelvin Birk and Katrin Spranger at Cockpit Arts
Glass Cloud Gallery is a London based, independent, pop up window gallery founded by artist Hannah Luxton in 2013. The initiative connects the public with fine art practices by collaborating with businesses to commission highly visible exhibitions in windows for the passing world to see.