Black History Month 2019: Exhibitions

African Textiles: Karun Thakar Collection

11 October – 14 December 2019, The Brunei Gallery

SOAS is hosting an exquisite exhibition of ‘African Textiles from the Karun Thakar Collection’, arguably one of the world’s largest private collections of African textiles. Featuring high quality material, that highlights the sophistication of historical African textiles art and design, which have been little understood and appreciated, the exhibition will examine the links between west and north African textile traditions through a selection of important and rare examples of textile art, being shown here for the first time. (© Karun Thakar Collection) Detail of Man's cloth, Ewe People, Eastern Ghana or south West Togo. mid-20th Century

The exhibition will include a selection of over 150 exhibits and textiles from west and north Africa including Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.


Myths retold: The Crick Crack Club presents Crow Dog

British Museum, Sunday 20 October 2019, 14.30–15.45 

Photo courtesy of the Crick Crack Club.
Photo courtesy of the Crick Crack Club.

Myths Retold is a series of performances of some of the greatest stories in the world, presented in collaboration with the Crick Crack Club.

Enter a world of transformation, myth and magic at these unique storytelling performances for grown-ups...

In the 1800s the turbulent uprising of the American civil war leaves an African American boy orphaned. His name is Henry, but that's about to change. Destitute, this young blood is found by a group of Seminole Indians, with whom he begins a life of vision quests and shamanic animism.

The Unorthodox Unprecedented preacher, TUUP, takes to the stage with unsurpassed style and alarming charisma. This is storytelling to bring the moon and stars down to listen at the windows....


Pre-colonial glassmaking in West Africa: art, technology, and trade

British Museum, Friday 18 October 2019, 18.30–19.30

In this special lecture to mark Black History Month 2019, Abidemi Babatunde Babalola (University of Cambridge) considers the history of indigenous glass making in West Africa, as well as the role of glass beads in West African arts as insignia of power, authority and affluence.

The talk will present the latest research into pre-colonial glassmaking in southwest Nigeria, dating its manufacture to at least the 11th century AD, and examining the movement and use of glass beads across early West African centres of commerce and power.