Black History Season: Cook A Longs

Are you interested in trying out and learning more Caribbean- and African-inspired recipes? Check out our Cook A Longs that happened from October - December for our Black History Season 2020

11th October 

Chef Monty Kidd makes Curry Goat!

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Sweet Doris and the Urban Food Festival team

Urban Food Fest, based in Camden, operate high end street food markets across the UK and bespoke corporate events. /  Instagram @urbanfoodfest

Download the recipe below in preparation for Sunday 11th !


18th October

This week Chef Richard Simpson of Cummin Up catering makes dumpling and more in our Sunday Cook a Long!

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Recipe below


24 October 

Cummin Up joins us once again, this time we're making Stew Chicken!

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Recipe below


01 November 

This week, join Rouke and Quinne Archer, who are learning to make Salt fish fritters!

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Recipe below


15 November 

This week, Camden staff member Sandra Soteriou cooks Bannann Peze (Haitian style fried plantain)



Extra virgin oil



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22 November

Chef Colleen Zhuwi (Camden Staff intern) prepares a Zimbabwean salad





Sweet Cabbage

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5 December

Chef Syan Angol makes Jamaican Ginger Loaf 

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Recipe below