Camden Close - Up : Vinna Law

Love Camden loves its local talent. We aim to celebrate everything cultural in the borough, from Hampstead to Kilburn, from the British Library to that little café around the corner - we are always out to show what Camden has to offer. As part of this we launched our Camden Close-Up series: interviews with artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and downright interesting figures that live, work or are inspired by the borough.

From real-life incels to microaggressions; the 2019 Camden Fringe Festival line-up tackles sexism head-on. Almost two years on from the birth of the #MeToo movement, this year’s acts are showing there’s still a lot to fight for. Over the course of the Fringe, we will be talking with performers and creatives who are tackling sexism head-on.

This month we interviewed Vinna Law, Malaysian made and London based actor.
Has a passion for storytelling, mostly through theatre, photography and writing but secretly wants to run away to the circus.


  1. What would you would do if you weren’t doing this? What would your parallel life look like?

I don’t think I would have my life any different but if I’m not in the performing arts, I’d probably be running or working for a charity or organisation related to arts education for girls from low income families in South East Asia.


  1. What do you think is most important: luck, chance, opportunity or hard-graft?

When something works, it’s a combination of all four. But the most important is hard graft, because that’s the only thing that is in our control. We cannot control what’s going to happen but we can definitely work on enabling it!


  1. What has been your most career defining moment to date and why?

It has to be the production I co directed before moving to London in 2017. Me and my fellow co director put up a production called “DUALITY;” that explored gender issues in conservative a predominantly Muslim country Malaysia. We were heavily censored in the media and had to be cautious of police raids during the run of the show.  The whole experience just solidified my life long decision to put my voice out there and giving a platform to voices that are still unheard. I know change does not happen overnight but I believe that change starts from the acknowledgement of a problem.


  1. What makes your work important today?

My work heavily sits on the themes of being a woman in today’s society.

“The Ideal Woman” in particular tackles and explores the psyche of 20 something women from different cultures. Finding something that’s beyond body image and societal expectations, we wanted to dig deeper into our personal experiences as women through the exploration of our mothers and the women who came before us.

This work is important today because we need to create spaces where we are allowed to feel and be vulnerable, and be empowered through that rather than being shamed for it. “The Ideal Woman” wants to provide just that; that safe space where all feelings are forgiven and celebrated, the bad the good and the ugly.


  1. What does Camden mean to you?

As a pretty new Londoner that’s only been here close to 2 years, my impression and experience of Camden can be summed up in 4 words; Expressive, Open, Accepting, Vibrant.


  1. What makes Camden Unique?

Camden is unique because it is a space where you can really feel the spirit of what being a Londoner is, where the stories of the diverse make up of the city is sprawled across the space and it just makes you feel so grateful to be a small part of it.


Artist bio :

Vinna is a Malaysian made and London based Actor-Creator. Vinna holds a BA in Theatre and Cinema from Hanyang University, South Korea and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, UK. Other than running Cognatus as a Producer (making sure things are getting done!) and working as a freelance actor and photographer, she is fulfilling her dream to join the circus as an aerialist in training specializing in lyra hoop.


Company Bio:

“As social rebels, we want to colonize the world with the female voice, advocating for work produced and created by women not just for women, but for all.”

Cognatus is a company of international female performing artists who wants to explore universal themes through our different cultures, language and from a woman’s perspective.

We aim to engage communities not just through sensitive and inquisitive work that is a reflection of the community, but also to connect people through forms of education.


Websites and social media :


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