Camden Fringe shows to see this week!

Camden Fringe Festival 2018, the 13th edition, takes place from 30 July - 26 August, with themes of #MeToo, LGBTQ, and mental health taking the forefront, reflecting what has been a groundbreaking year of social and political change for the UK. We've decided to take a look at some of the most exciting picks of this week (08/09 - 15/09)  at the fringe. 

1. Neon at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

A hand picking up a figure of a man on a neon pink background


Jude, a therapist in England, meets a man named John Doe who claims to be God. He seems to be just a deluded recluse, living with a normal flatmate and enjoying Capri Suns. That is until Thomas arrives from America with visions of a strange man in his flat. The laurel-wreath necklace around the stranger’s neck seems all too familiar, and Jude finds herself caught up in the birth of a new religion.

NEON discusses the subject of death and what lies beyond. In a world of unsettling headlines, how can one man tackle the prospect of being alone? The grand and absurd story of NEON is told with a timely urgency, and a grounded importance that touches upon the value of faith and our need to carry on through the darkest of moments. Tickets Here

2. Hatch at Etcetera Theatre

A woman in front of a mircophone


Hatch is an award winning solo gig-theatre piece written and performed by Sarah Carton, which takes a look at women in the prison system.

The piece digs under the skin of anti-heroine Jess, imprisoned for selling drugs on her lover’s behalf. Blurring the boundaries of acted scene, poetry and live music, HATCH flows through Jess’s feelings of abandonment from her partner on the outside. With explosive spoken word poetry and sensual moments of magical realism, her story intertwines with a collection of original songs and fierce, live electronic music. Tickets here.

3. Lovers Anonymous at St Pancras Community Association

Lovers anonymous poster


They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and our group leaders are here to help. From sexuality to sex, bestiality to breaking up, everything is welcome. Mixing theatre, movement and improvisation, ‘Lovers Anonymous’ asks what it is to be in (and out of) love in 2018. Join the circle, listen to our stories, and even share your own in this unique immersive experience. Are you #readyforlove? Tickets here. 

4. Mood Kill at The Lion and Unicorn

A picture of a young man with a beer looking to the camera


At a time when public debate surrounding male mental health has never been stronger, Mood Kill asks What next? After the debate has been had, what is life like for those living with this on a daily basis. In their latest verbatim play, real stories from across Britain are given the stage. Through intimate and personal accounts, Mood Kill questions how fractured and neglected mental health is in modern British society. This emotionally driven play raises the voices of these men at a time in our social conscience when talking is crucial. Tickets Here


5. Peeking in The Portrait at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Four people lying on white sheets


Peeking in the Portrait is inspired by the life and works of Lady Clementina Hawarden, one of Britain’s first female photographers. By fusing live photography with dynamic physical theatre, GOLKK discover that the camera is never simply an object but a playful and present character in our daily lives.

With playful and subtle ensemble encounters, GOLKK will draw you into the present, offering you an experience which is not only live, but ALIVE. Tickets here. 

6. Breathe at the Tristan Bates Theatre


Breathe pans across the struggles of four housemates living in London trying to successfully accomplish their dreams. Personal secrets and fears emerge as their lives intertwine, revealing the importance of friendship in the face of anxiety and depression. Will they choose security or transform their fears into fuel to conquer their dreams? Tickets here. 


7. ShakeItUp: The Improvised Shakespeare Show

Shake it up logo


Expect a lot of laughs from this improvised Shakespeare show! Using his language, your audience suggestions and our overactive imaginations, they create a brand new Shakespeare play live on stage! 

Join ShakeItUp Theatre for an evening of improvised Bard-based Bedlam. Every show is a classic Shakespeare would have been proud to write…. (probably). Tickets here. 


A special mention for our Camden Close Ups:

Matt Green - Punch Up at Camden Comedy Club

Matt Green is performing at 'Punch Up' in this year's Camden Fringe Festival from 7-11 Aug 8-9pm at Camden Comedy Club. 

Matt’s been doing stand up for 15 years and he’s got pretty good at it, delighting audiences at clubs and festivals across the world. Come and hear his latest thoughts about the state of things. Spoiler alert: he’s not keen. Featuring stories about FitBits, tennis elbow, going viral with JK Rowling and being punched in the face. Check out our Close - Up with him here!

Miranda Porter - S/he/it Happens

Miranda Porter recently finished their run at Ecterera Theatre of S/he/it happens. The piece is a physical comedy exploring transgender dysphoria of the chest and non-binary gender identity. It has been performed across the UK and in Finland and Spain, with a recent sell-out run at Brighton Fringe. Check out our Camden Close - Up with Miranda!

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