Camden Open Air Gallery

The Camden Open Air Gallery has now launched on Camden High Street

Camden Open Air Gallery is a new attraction to Camden Town. The pandemic has been tough on everyone, But Camden is its people. The aim is to give artists the opportunity to showcase their work across Camden. Using buildings, shop fronts and whatever they can get their hands on as their canvas. The streets of Camden Town will be a fully immersive art gallery. Each month will feature a new curation of art to be on display free of charge.

Camden Open Air Gallery has said: 

"Being so used to the flurries of people making their way down the high street, you miss a lot around Camden Town. I spent my time in lockdown finding little gems in crooks and crannies off the high street and I was reminded of why I love this place so much.  

This talent should be on show, front and centre, in the heart of Camden Town. With such a rich history of art & culture, Camden is the perfect place to use art to bring people back together. 

With an uncertain future ahead, now is not the time for us to sit idly by. It’s time for us to look at the high street differently. We need something creative and bold, that gets Camden moving again, In a socially distanced way. 

Camden Open Air Gallery is going to lead the way, in showing how we bounce back from such dark days." 


camden open air gallery


During lockdown, all works will be on display 24 hours a day. The evening is where the project really comes alive. They are lighting up each piece to get the high street popping with amazing murals, portraits and paintings for you to come and have a look at.  

Using their map, you will be able to take a tour around Camden and escape. Pick up some ace food and a refreshing beverage whilst you admire some incredible pieces of work.  

But it doesn’t stop there, there are plenty more pieces in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled as new ones will be bursting on to Camden’s already eclectic street art scene, with some rather exciting local names featuring.   

'We hope that this really becomes something special, a feature unique to Camden Town. This is the new Camden Town.'  

Find out more on their website here