Picture of the astro-turfed Museum of Happiness main hall

Museum of Happiness

Museum of Happiness
Arlington House, 220 Arlington Road
Suite number, intersection, plaza, square
London, England
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Newly opened in September 2017, The Museum of Happiness in Camden offers an experiential adventure, where people of all ages and backgrounds can explore the science and art of happiness and well-being.

The Museum offers a programme of experiential tours, talks, workshops, courses, activities and parties. Many of these events are free or offer entry in return for a donation.

The Museum is run by a small team and does not open around the clock so it is essential to book in advance on the Museum website.

The Museum of Happiness is conveniently located less than five minutes walk from Camden Town Tube station.

The team look forward to welcoming you!

The Museum of Happiness is a non-profit organisation on a mission to spread happiness and improve wellbeing by teaching fun, science-based techniques that people can implement into their everyday lives.