Suicide Silence at The Underworld Camden - London

Suicide Silence at The Underworld Camden - London

The Underworld
174 Camden High Street
Event time
7 pm - 11 pm
General Admission
21 Jun 2020

The Underworld Camden proudly presents:
Suicide Silence plus support.

Doors - 7:00pm // Price - £20.00 adv.
Tickets -


Suicide Silence -

John Wick, The Bride, Django, Lady Vengeance, Eric Draven; classic antiheroes and vigilantes of cinema who rose from unspeakable tragedies to inflict a bloody retribution on those who'd taken from them, who'd brutalized them, who'd left them for dead. In extreme music circles, there is no band who better represents this theme than Suicide Silence. They are the sound of resilience and perseverance. The band that arises from the flames of despair, loss, personal demons, and defeat.

It's the reason their most popular songs have titles like "You Can't Stop Me," "You Only Live Once," and "Inherit the Crown." This is music for those who turn the tables and flip the script, rewriting the narrative for themselves, reclaiming whatever was stolen by doubters, abusers, loudmouths. It's why their sixth full-length album, which finds Suicide Silence out for blood like never before, is called Become the Hunter. It's extreme music for the extreme resolve to never be anyone's victim.

UK tastemaker Kerrang! called the band "pioneers" and "groundbreakers" who've made "some of extreme music's most loved albums in recent years." The new album reunites Suicide Silence with Steve Evetts, who produced The Black Crown (2011) and You Can't Stop Me (2014). It was mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Gojira, Megadeth) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Pantera, Deftones).

The Southern California heavy metal institution defines and defies subgenre classification, ushering in and popularizing a brand-new strain of "deathcore" championed by fresh generations of metalheads, while maintaining reverence for traditional death metal, and punk rock rule breaking. 


Artist: Suicide Silence

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