Camden People's Museum
Camden People’s Museum is a collection of artworks, people and experiences that reveal the vibrant culture of the people of Camden, London. Sharing our diverse heritage through creativity, the museum presents the stories, sounds and spirit of the borough. The museum exists in a virtual world, presenting the collection here and through immersive digital experiences on the streets of Camden, illuminating and animating the stories from our borough.
Camden People’s Museum is a collaboration between Camden residents, artists, technology specialists and curators. The museum was established through Camden Alive and will continue to grow.

Boss B and Brownsilla
Maiden Lane
Click here to find out more about Maiden Lane's history and what inspired artists Steffi Klenz, Boss B and Brownsilla to make Tensed Muscles, their album of sound and images
noor inayat khan
Inspirational Camdeners: Noor Inayat Khan
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Image: © IWM (HU 74868)
Bill Richmond
Inspirational Camdeners: Bill Richmond
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Image: St. Bill Richmond — The Black Terror, a 2010 painting by Godfried Donkor (c) Frieze