Clean Air Action Plan

We need your help

No one in Camden should experience poor health because of the air they breathe. Camden Council is consulting on its draft Clean Air Action Plan and we are keen to hear from as many of you living, working, studying or visiting the borough. We want to ensure the plan reflects your clean air ambitions for Camden.

The plan covers a range of proposals including:

  • Reducing emissions from wood burners and fireplaces
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of homes and workplaces
  • Reducing construction-related pollution
  • Tackling unnecessary idling, especially around schools and transport hubs like Kings Cross and Euston
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable travel methods to get to work and school
  • Working with local businesses to reduce pollution from delivery vans

We would also like to encourage you to extend this invitation to people you work with, your colleagues, clients, friends and neighbours. Perhaps you could forward this email to your networks or simply tell people about it. You could also print and display our simple promotional poster. Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the poster.


school aint idling


The consultation runs until the 15 February 2019.

To view the consultation document and provide comments, please click this link.