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Community Guidelines

Love Camden is for and by you.  We value your comments and feedback, and hope that you'll share your tips.

We're a community of people who want to get more out of Camden. We want to explore our local area, share our ideas and thoughts and talk to other people who are passionate about the places they live, work and play.

As we are a community it's up to everyone to make sure Love Camden remains a pleasant, safe and fun place to visit, so to help you do that we've put together a few guidelines. Please read the following carefully and remember that your use of Love Camden is subject to these guidelines as well as our terms & conditions.

Most importantly: be nice 

Just like Camden itself, Love Camden is made up of many different types of people. And every one of those people has the right to feel comfortable and happy when they come to visit. Remember that not everyone is going to have the same opinions and viewpoints as you.  A good rule to remember is 'if you wouldn't say it to their face, don't say it to them on Love Camden'. 

Write from the heart

Love Camden is a place for you to tell people what you think of your local area, so we want to hear your stories, experiences and opinions. We'd love to hear it in your own words - just remember to respect all the relevant laws (especially copyright and trademark laws). 

Don't leave your manners at the door 

Offensive and abusive content won't be tolerated and the same goes for falsely attacking or defaming any of the businesses or people featured on Love Camden. Give us your opinion by all means but make it an accurate and measured opinion. 

If we receive a complaint about you 

We trust you to play nice but if someone does contact us and alerts us to behaviour which is offensive, abusive, illegal, or in any way a breach of our terms and conditions or these guidelines then may remove your content and have your account could be suspended or even terminated.  

If you're a business owner 

Just because you run/own/work for one of the businesses featured on Love Camden doesn't mean you can't review it - indeed we'd encourage you to join in the conversation with your customers.  If you're adding a review or comment, just make sure you clearly identify yourself as the owner, manager or an employee.  
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