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This exhibition highlights the relationship between written language and visual art. Written language is often precise, communicating directly the intent of the author. Whereas visual art is sometimes depicted as densely obscure in its intension, by presenting a less prescriptive visual language the viewer is granted more latitude in interpreting the work. The artworks in Language utilise both forms of communication, whether legible or obscured – text is deployed here in combination resulting in the very nature and mode of communication being brought into focus.

The London Borough of Camden's Art Collection features over seven hundred art works. Work is often loaned to galleries and museums around the country and is on display in council buildings around the borough. Each year the Swiss Cottage Gallery stages an exhibition showcasing some of the best work in the collection, this year we're pleased to be adding Kasper Pincis' piece Condolence to the Collection.

An interview with Kasper about the process of creating Condolence is available here:

Kasper Pincis is represented by dalla Rosa Gallery.