Open Open at Swiss Cottage Gallery

An overview of the Open Open exhibition programme

“I entered the Open Open as the gallery does a fantastic job of displaying a variety of medium and subjects in a brilliant location.” 

- Anonymous, 2016

Each year, Swiss Cottage Gallery opens its doors to the public with their Open Open gallery programme, inviting budding artists, enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals from anywhere and any age to bring along a piece of art to be hung for a “salon style” exhibition.

Open Open draws its inspiration from the famous Académie des Beaux-Arts exhibitions of the early 18 – and 1900’s: the greatest art event in the western world during that time. It also reflects the ideologies of those other Salons; the private, intellectual gatherings in Europe that promoted the exchange of philosophical ideas and joined the private with the public sphere. Open Open blurs the boundaries between audiences and artists, creating a communal space where art and exchange come together. Promoting an unprecedented, collaborative agenda, every edition of Open Open has been a great success!

Click here for an inside glance at the past exhibitions, including images, artworks and testimonials!

open open