Psychoanalysis & Philosophy: Philosophers of the Unconscious

Psychoanalysis & Philosophy: Philosophers of the Unconscious

Freud Museum London
20 Maresfield Gardens London
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10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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17 May 2020

From Schopenhauer to Nietszche, Freud and Jung.

By the second half of the nineteenth century, the outlines of our contemporary intellectual situation had begun to appear.

On the one hand, the triumph of scientific materialism had ensured that our public institutions would embody the values of the Enlightenment. While on the other, the power and creativity of Romanticism are still reflected in our ‘counter-cultures’ and in our personal relationship to our inner, psychological worlds. On this course we will study two giant figures of nineteenth century thought – Schopenhauer and Nietzsche – and trace the after-effects of their philosophies in Freudian ‘Psychoanalysis’ and Jungian ‘Analytical Psychology’.

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Keith Barrett BA PhD – having received his PhD from the Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine at University College London, Dr Barrett specialises in both philosophy and psychoanalysis and has taught at several leading institutions, including Imperial College and Birkbeck College.

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