Fagun Foundation

The Fagun Foundation

24 Wells Street

Girls and women can face many challenges to their development. Barriers may be caused by learning difficulties, poor education, financial instability, difficult family situations, lack of direction and any other setback that has become an obstacle to their ability to thrive.

The Fagun Foundation was founded on the belief that there is transformative power in creativity to overcome these barriers. Through our expanding network of creative practitioners, we offer a unique variety of arts-oriented workshops covering multiple disciplines, across the visual, literary and performing arts.

Our creative practitioners work locally and globally in communities, schools and businesses to provide a network of safe spaces where women can prosper and fulfil their potential. We also have a worldwide team of mentors who offer more long term, one-on-one, personal support and guidance.

Our ultimate goal is to build new schools in underdeveloped areas. We hope to help children and young adults by placing an increased value on creative disciplines, alongside a more traditional curriculum, emphasising the power of creativity as a resource for learning.

The Foundation is proud to provide women worldwide with the means to profoundly change their lives. We believe in the ability of our local, global and institutional creative programmes and mentoring network to enable women to progress and succeed in their lives.