The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation

The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation

Gladsmuir Road
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The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation works primarily in Highgate and Camden with local schools and young people

The Foundation was established to support the causes about which Alexandra Wylie, a dynamic and effervescent 17 year old, felt passionately. She was a brilliant student, loved the performing arts and was a keen scientist. Allie impressed everyone she met with her love for life and was vehemently against any form of social exclusion. AWTF keeps Allie’s memory alive by supporting children and young people to find and follow their dreams. 

We work with local schools and community groups to provide: essential provisions (e.g. clothes and food parcels); extra-curricular activities (e.g. music and drama workshops); and guidance and support (e.g. learning mentoring).

We do this to increase the well-being of children and young people in north London. This allows us to achieve our vision of creating a world where young people can find and follow their dreams.