Image: Katrin Spranger Aquatopia Fountain
Header Image: The Bourne estate, 1909 © London Metropolitan Archives, City of London (Collage: The London Picture Archive)
About Holborn and the Bourne Estate
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Image: The Bourne estate, 1909 © London Metropolitan Archives, City of London (Collage: The London Picture Archive)
Katrin Spranger and Kelvin Birk in Holborn
In 2020 artists Katrin Spranger and Kelvin Birk worked with Camden residents Silvija Labokaite, Maureen Klingels-Pruss, Karolina Brodnicka, Nina Saeidi, Cat Tuohy, Caroline Palmer, Sandra Rattenni, Renata Szyda and Katharine Scott.
Through a series of workshops at K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery at Cockpit Arts in Holborn they explored the concept of value through jewellery making and sculptural techniques. Highly personal, the resulting artworks, entitled Connecting Values, often reveal more intangible values, such as memories of people who have passed and places that are far away, or things that may be out of reach in our everyday lives.

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Katrin Spranger Aquatopia
This film, made by made by Mark Buchanan with sound by Samuel Baker, shows The Aquatopia Fountain by Katrin Spranger and Camden residents.
Film funded by Arts Council England
Link to Aquatopia film.
Katrin Spranger
Camden Close Up: Katrin Spranger
In this series, we are speaking to artists and creatives who worked with residents on the Camden Alive projects. Today, we are speaking with Katrin Spranger. Katrin Spranger is an activist and multi-disciplinary artist working with sculpture, jewellery and performance. She creates dystopian narratives that engage with the environment, consumer culture, science fiction and natural resources threatened with depletion.
Kelvin J Birk
Camden Close Up: Kelvin Birk
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The concept of value has always played a big role in Kelvin Birk’s work. What is valuable? What makes different materials precious and valuable? Birk has been combing non-valuable materials like concrete and other non-precious materials with silver and gold from an early stage in his jewellery-making career, looking at the different perceptions of these precious and common materials.
Camden People's Museum
Camden People's Museum
The Camden People's Museum is home to a series of augmented reality artworks that celebrate the stories, people and heritage of one of London's most iconic boroughs. It challenges preconceptions of what a museum is - the Camden People's Museum has no walls and exists in the world around you - and is a digital companion to Camden Alive, the arts programme that commissions artists to work with residents across the borough.