Our round-up of this Weekends' events around Camden. Including theatre, art, music and much more!
This wall art explores stories of journey, arrival and hope by people making Cromer Street their home. It was made by aerosol artist Mohammed Ali who worked with residents to reveal stories from the neighbourhood.
This month we interviewed Weyland Mckenzie, A 22 year old Rapper and DJ and current Roundhouse Resident Artist, he'll be performing as part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival on Friday 25th October, alongside Ego Ella May and Dips & Lo-Wu
Click here to see the events happening around Camden libraries this October. Including Library Lates, music and more!
Covering highlights of events around Camden!
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Black History Month 2019: Music
Black History Month 2019: Performances.
October is the nationwide celebration of Black History Month. Check out highlights of the exhibitions happening around Camden.