Camden Alive Close Up: Peter Adjaye

Camden Alive is a programme of arts and cultural events that celebrates the people of Camden. Sharing our diverse heritage through creativity, Camden Alive has captured the sights, sounds and spirit of the borough and what it means to live and work in Camden. Through music, dance, food, fashion, gardening, performance and visual art the stories of our neighbourhoods will unfold and be showcased

Camden Alive Close Ups


In this series, we are speaking to artists and creatives who worked with residents on the Camden Alive projects. We are speaking with Peter Adjaye aka AJ Kwame, Conceptual sound artist & Composer, whose work ‘Music for Architecture’ focuses on the intersection between sound and architecture. Peter worked on the Alexandra & Ainsworth sound art project with the residents of the estate.


1. Tell us about your recent work with Camden Alive and how it fits within your body of work.

I was commissioned by Camden as a sound composer for the Alexandra & Ainsworth estate to create soundscapes and interactive workshops with residents of the estate, including both younger and older residents. I classify my specialist art form in a concept that I call ‘Music for Architecture’, which involves an interdisciplinary approach exploring the intersections of architecture and sound.

Peter AJ


2. What has been your most career-defining moment to date and why?

I have been active in my art form for over 25 years, and have been fortunate enough to have many brilliant highlights. One of the most important was my first solo album, ‘Dialogues’, in association with Vinyl Factory Records in 2016, which gave a unique insight into ten architectural and music investigations, cumulating in a 20-page booklet alongside a double 180gm vinyl record.


3. What were the best parts of working in Camden?

· The Neve Brown designed Alexandra and Ainsworth estate

· Working with the children and youth leaders of the Arc youth centre on the estate.

· Working closely with Suzie and Esther, from the Arts development department of Camden Council, resulting in the live performance in the British Museum, accompanied by a four-piece string quartet.

· Producing the tracks for the ‘Tensed Muscles’ EP, with Camden Maiden Lane estate residents Boss B & Brownsilla, now available on Spotify.


Peter Adjaye


4. How have you been keeping during lockdown? Do you have any tips or activities to share with us?

· Reflection on the importance time with loved ones, especially our elderly relatives that we are not able to meet up with at the moment.

· Building my new website

· Composing new sound pieces for different projects

· Explore as many free apps as possible to be creative, including music, graphic design and film-making. For example, Bandlab, which allows you to record your lyrics on your phone and instantly put music with it, and share with others to collaborate.


Peter AJ with kids from the Alexander and Ainsworth Estate


5. What’s next for you?

· Finalising the production and release of my 2nd solo concept album, ‘Dialogues 2’

· The opening of the collaborative exhibition with Toyin Ojih Odutola at the Barbican Curve Gallery, featuring my specially commissioned immersive soundscape.

· The launch of the augmented app ‘Camden People’s Museum’ which will also feature my new soundscape, followed by more live performances.



Artist bio :

Peter Adjaye aka AJ Kwame is a contemporary conceptual sound artist, specialising in cross-disciplinary collaborations. He is a musicologist, composer, DJ-producer, musician with a PHD in Mathematics. His unique set of skills and vast experience have enabled him to work closely with his brother, the award winning architect, Sir David Adjaye OBE, for over 15 years. This work has culminated in the publication, ‘Dialogues’ on MusicforArchitecture Records in association with Vinyl Factory Records. ‘Dialogues’ is released as a gatefold limited edition vinyl via

He has exhibited his unique art sound installations in places such as Tate Modern, Design Museum, Art Institute Of Chicago, Somerset House, Studio Museum Harlem, Whitechapel Gallery, Albion Gallery, The Science Museum, Nobel Institute and given talks at places such as Maaxi National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, The Architecture Foundation, Design Miami, Rough Trade to St Martins Art College.


Websites and social media :

Website : 

instagram : @music4architecture

twitter : @musicforArchit