Camden Fringe 2019

29th July - 25th August 2019

From real life incels to microaggressions; the 2019 Camden Fringe Festival line-up tackle sexism head on. Almost two years on from the birth of the #MeToo movement, this year’s acts are showing there’s still a lot to fight for. 

Playwright Lily Vosper of company Curious Dispute spoke to a real life incel for the creation of her play The Feminazis (5-7 August, Etcetera Theatre): “I knew I wanted to write a play about feminist issues and what could happen if things don't change, but I also knew I wanted to do it in a comedy format, entertaining people while hopefully protraying a more serious message.”

“I wanted to bring incels to light, a lesser-known community that are directly targeting women and are deadly. A lot of text is verbatim of a real incel I spoke to (undercover) and from Roosh V’s articles.”

At The Cockpit 10-14 August, The Ideal Woman puts feminine ideals under the microscope, combining original music and text with an exploration of movement.

"As 20 something women from different countries, we created The Ideal Woman as a tribute to all the women who came before us, to speak their voice through our own experiences, and provide a space where both the pain and the joys of womanhood are out in the open, in its most vulnerable form,” said Vinna Law, Artistic Director of Cognatus Theatre.

When it Happens (30 July - 3rd August, Tristan Bates) delves into the smaller, every day microaggressions faced by many women, offering a comic, hopeful alternate world where they are free to escape the roles and stereotypes forced upon them.

Playwright and performer Rachel Causer, said: “When creating When It Happens, we wanted to make a show that not only challenged stereotypes but one that exposed the insidious effects of microaggressions on women and to rebel against this effect in a comedic and fantastical way. “

Other shows to watch include one-women shows The Indecent Musings Of Miss Doncaster 2007 (6-10 August, Camden People’s Theatre) and Bombshells (17-18 August), both exploring women facing a crisis on their own and Girls with Jokes (24-25 August) a female-led comedy line-up at The Camden Comedy Club. 

 Female stand-up this year includes Edinburgh Fringe Best Newcomer Diane Spencer: Work-In-Progress (Show 9) (20-21 August, Camden Comedy Club), Celia Delaney with Celia Delaney is... Angelic? WIP (15-17 August, The Bill Murray) and Holly Burn, returning with Holly Burn is Jane Pasty (4-8 August, Angel Comedy Club).

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