Camden Fringe shows to see this (final) week!

Camden Fringe Festival 2018, the 13th edition, takes place from 30 July - 26 August, with themes of #MeToo, LGBTQ, and mental health taking the forefront, reflecting what has been a groundbreaking year of social and political change for the UK. In the final few days of the 2018 Camden Fringe Festival, there is so much more to see!


1. The Alterative Diary Selection at The Cockpit Theatre

The alternative diary selection

The discussions surrounding identity in 2018 have sparked profound movements within society. The LGBTQ+ community has long been a pioneer for recognising multiple different genders and for the first time the general public and mainstream media are joining the discussion.

They will be presenting an evening celebrating the diversity, strength and passion of the queer community in its various forms and the way it has enabled people to embrace their identity. The evening will present a range of queer and queer-adjacent artists who will give their take on what the queer community means to them and how they exist within the mainstream. At times celebratory, at times sombre and poignant, The Alternative Dairy Selection is a night that will leave you gagging for more. Tickets Here. 


2. A Bench at The Edge at the Hen & Chickens Theatre

A bench at the end


A bench at the edge of an abyss. Two men observe others jumping in whilst contemplating their own fate. An absurd dark-comedy exploring life, death and the struggles of modern existence. Stagedoor Award 2017 winners, Theatre of Heaven and Hell return to this year’s Camden Fringe Festival with Luigi Jannuzzi’s award-winning play. Tickets here. 


3. Toyko Fugue at The Cockpit Theatre

Tokya Fugue


You are on a train. You are searching for someone. You fall asleep. In your dream you are on a train. You are searching for someone...

This is a show about feeling lost, set in the maze-like train system of Tokyo. The scenes unfold like the variations of a fugue, in sequences of meticulously crafted movement. With three bodies and three chairs, a collage of Japanese and English text, a lullaby, a fugue and some train sounds, Tokyo Fugue conjures up the breathless experience of life in a modern metropolis. At times poetic, at times comical, at times unsettling, this is theatre that speaks to the soul.  Created and directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke. Tickets here. 


4. The Woman and The Canvas at The Monkey House

The woman and the canvas


Theatre Re and Fourth Monkey are joining forces for 2018 with an exciting, ensemble-led co-production, The Woman and the Canvas. Anna has been painting all her life but as she struggles for inspiration, her creativity becomes stifled. Her vivid imagination collides with childhood memories in an explosion of human experience. Tickets here. 


5. The Mechanicals at Etcetera Theatre

Donkey Ears


Join Bottom, Quince, Snug, Snout, Starveling and Flute as they take on the audience’s scene choices. With 15 Shakespeare scenes to pick from; every show is different. With The Mechanicals as your actors; anything could happen! Who knows, we may even get round to a little Midsummer Night’s Dream... This show is for both Shakespeare connoisseurs and for people who couldn’t imagine sitting through a whole one... There’s comedy, drama and adventure for people of any age!

The Mechanicals use a digital survey to ask each audience member, upon entry to the theatre, what scenes they would like to see in the show. The data is then automatically analysed and the top 5 scene choices are revealed to both audience and actors. What could possibly go wrong? Tickets here. 


6. Secondhand Stories at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre

secondhand stories


Meet Mitch, a cynical out-of-work actor who's had one of the worst days of his life. Armed with a whiskey bottle and a box of chocolates, he takes the audience on a journey through his life, wisecracking about the present and poignantly recalling the past. But what begins as a conventional one-man show slowly morphs into a reflection on why we tell stories, who we share them with, and what they say about us. This brand-new comedy-drama is a celebration of theatre, storytelling, and the people who make our lives worth living.
This is Putnockee Players' second show for Camden Fringe, following last year's five-star reviewed Honest Lies. Tickets here. 


A special mention to another one of our Camden Close-Ups:

Lauren Kaye

Love Camden loves its local talent. We aim to celebrate everything cultural in the borough, from Hampstead to Kilburn, from the British Library to that little café around the corner - we are always out to show what Camden has to offer. As part of this we launched our Camden Close-Up series: interviews with artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and downright interesting figures that live, work or are inspired by the borough.

Lauren Kaye

After a fantastic directorial debut with 'I'm All in LIVE' at this years Camden Fringe, we interviewed Poet, Filmmaker, Author and Playwright Lauren Kaye. Read her Camden Close-Up here. 

A poetic play about attraction, amour, adulation and abhor. This is a live adaptation of Lauren Kaye's debut poetry book 'I'm All In.' The narration of a love triangle told through her intimate and semi-biopic poems taken from her five star rated collection. This one woman show is full of adult humour and high emotions from captivating events of truth, secrets and lies. Passionate lyrics and thought-provoking spoken word, filled with salacious references from erotic food to questionable jewellery.