Community Festival grants open for 2020 - 2021

Camden is delighted to announce we will be supporting community festivals again in 2020-21.

All community festivals and events that receive a grant will also receive a waiver of all non-statuary fees and charges which include road closures, trading licenses and parking suspensions. The process for grant applications will be managed directly this year by Camden Events Service.

To be eligible for a community festival grant organisers have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Foster greater community cohesion and improve inter-community relationships
  • Demonstrate that the community-led event that is open to the whole of the community
  • Engage local people not currently participating in cultural and community activities in Camden.
  • Demonstrate that the event is being produced in collaboration with other local organisations.
  • Offer opportunities for volunteering and mentoring for Camden residents.
  • Demonstrate that it is a well-managed event and that the organisers have considered the impacts and safety of their festival.

Download the Criteria form by clicking the link below 

Deadline for grant applications will be 23:59pm by 29 February 2020.

All funding decisions will be announced by 31 March 2020.

Any further correspondence should be directed to the Camden Events team who will be able to support any further queries and send an application form

020 7974 5633


We look forward to hearing about your event proposals and receiving your applications.