To do this weekend: 2nd - 4th August

Camden Fringe

Improbotics at Hen & Chickens Theatre

Improbotics at Hen & Chickens Theatre


Improbotics is a tech-infused improv comedy show and a live Turing test science experiment. An actual artificial intelligence-based chatbot is performing in the show and tries to pass as human as it sends lines to one of the improvisers via an earpiece. Our impossible and hilarious challenge is to justify physically and emotionally lines that make no sense at all. Co-created by robotics researchers Piotr Mirowski (UK) and Kory Mathewson (Canada) as well as by drama director Jenny Elfving (Sweden). Featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Scientist.

Camden Fringe presents: Sunday on the Rocks

Relationships with housemates can be...complicated. Written and set in the 1990's, Sunday on the Rocks explores the delicate balancing act of four women forced into sharing personal space with relative strangers- and what happens when you throw in a positive pregnancy test, wicker chairs, and a lot of alcohol.   
This all-female cast from fledgling theatre company Rabble tackle issues ranging from workplace harassment to silent soup protests. Many of the same issues discussed are faced by women today. Tisch-trained director Rachael says "In reviving this black comedy, its unsettling how little has changed - the same topics could be discussed in any house share just this week, despite the 20 year gap. We think the conversation has moved on but this play demonstrates how that's just not the case". 


Live Music

The Sages at The Harrison

The Sages


The Sages (竹林七贤) is a new world music fusion band project based in London that draws inspirations from different music elements throughout time and history. With the main focus on traditional East Asian music, the band consists of young students currently studying at SOAS, University of London. As a diverse cosmopolitan generation growing up under an age of globalization and other social changes, the band aims to explore the concepts between “East” and “West”, cultural identity and musical “genres” through both original composition and adaption of traditional folk music.

Moira Smiley at Green Note

Moira Smiley’s performances bring elegance and grit to folk-songs, original and ancient. Expect soul-stirring arrangements of Anglo-Celtic ballads, American spirituals, European folk-laments and sharp, poignant original songs that call effortlessly upon the audience to whisper, clap, or sing along. She plays plainspoken accompaniment on banjo, accordion, body/hand percussion and piano.


Something a little different..

Like a Woman Workshop

Join us for a large dose of self-love and empowerment in a phenomenal group of women. How many times have you heard someone being told they do something "like a woman"? Well we're here to give that a brand new meaning! The day will consist of solo, partner, and group work, & discussions and reflections based in self-development exercises. 

Camden Saturdays Guided Walk: Hampstead: for richer, for poorer



Hampstead, home of the rich and famous. Or is it? Join us on a journey around hilly Hampstead, where we tell you about the rich and famous, but also about the poor and little-known who have made this village home. Hear about the spa that brought in the masses, see the quirky houses that the rich built, visit the most beautiful street in Hampstead and learn about the former workhouse.