The Evolution of Language: An infographic by Bharti Parmar

For Camden Kalā, Love Camden has invited artist Bharti Parmar to respond to the iconic academic text Pidginy Linguish by Sarat Maharaj. A lifelong Camden resident, Maharaj published this text more than a decade ago, but it is still relevant today. Pidginy Linguish investigates the evolution of the English language, influenced as it is by migration and cultural diversity. The text casts the Camden neighbourhood of Bloomsbury as a key figure in the flourishing of pidgin English and the richness inscribed in this curious form of translation. It is a great example of the ways in which language is involved in issues of integration, identity and cultural diversity and raises important questions of living with multiplicity, translation and difference.

Dr. Bharti Parmar, a visual artist and academic living and working in the UK who has exhibited widely for over twenty five years. Her work is about the intersections between art and craft and is informed by an interest in race and the poetics of museological objects. Her concerns are situated partly within the Surrealist-derived engagement with the ‘overlooked’ (once popular artforms or amateur art practices), and also within non-Eurocentric perspectives and debates to thinking about art and culture. Her work is presented in a variety of formats ranging from print, photographic installation, sculpture to embroidery. She was artist in residence at the Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin from May - June 2017.

The drawing below is an infographic about the evolution of language. It was made in the vein of Fluxus and is reminiscent of Simon Patterson's The Great Bear (1992).

(c) Bharti Parmar
The Evolution of Language: An infographic by Bharti Parmar (c) Bharti Parmar, 2017

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