What is Love Camden?

LoveCamden is your guide to having a great time in the borough of Camden. Whether you are looking for art exhibitions, theatre shows, a day at the zoo or a stroll in the park; LoveCamden is filled with information on interesting events, lively venues and the best cultural highlights. Originally launched in 2012 in conjunction with the London Olympics, LoveCamden is run by the Arts and Tourism team at Camden Council and provides in-depth knowledge on its boroughs with up-to-date information on events and an array of interviews, reviews and historical facts. LoveCamden captures the spirit of Camden online – and offers you the chance to join in the conversation!

Love Camden is also active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and offers a mailing list service to ensure you make the most of Camden!


Why has Love Camden changed?

As the borough changes, so does LoveCamden. In response to user feedback we’ve undertaken a series of changes to the website. With our fresh new look, user-friendly ways to add your own content and our new ‘Top 30’ feature, LoveCamden has become easier to use, more inclusive and more alive.



Why can’t I log in?  

There are a few things you could try:

  • Check your email address and password are spelled correctly
  • Request a new password
  • If you haven’t used your account since 31st December 2015 your login details will not have been migrated to our refreshed website and you will need to create a new login here.

I can’t remember my password / how can I change my password?

If you can’t remember or have lost your password, please request a new password  If you know your password but would like to change it, please log in to your account and click ‘edit’.

Why do I need to log in?

You only need to log in if you would like to upload or amend your event, organisation listing or edit your personal details. Don’t want to log in or create an account? Feel free to simply browse and check out what is going on in Camden!



How do I…

… create an event? Want to post an event? After creating an account and logging in, please select My Dashboard. Then click on ‘add event’. Hit ‘Save for approval’  to send for approval! You can also ‘preview’ your event. Please note it’s not currently possible to save a draft so only upload when you have all the information and images ready to go. We are working on adding a ‘save draft’ option to make it even easier for you.

…publish an article? If you have an idea for an article that you would like to publish on Love Camden please send your article and images to for consideration. Depending on your content and organisation, we may be able to list your article either free of charge or for a small fee. Click here for more information on fees.

NB: Images should be a minimum of 1800x wide, and preferably in landscape format, supplied as a high quality jpeg. You must have permission to use the image. Click here for full image guidelines

…list my organisation? Want to list an organisation? After creating an account and logging in, please select ‘My Dashboard’. Then click on ‘add organisation’. Hit ‘Save for approval’ to send for approval. You can also ‘preview’ your event. Please note it’s not currently possible to save a draft so only upload when you have all the information and images ready to go. We are working on adding a ‘save draft’ option to make it even easier for you.

…edit or delete an event / organisation? No problem. You can change or delete your content at any time. Log on to your account, and go to ‘My Dashboard’. You will see our event and organisations listed. Select ‘edit’ or ‘delete’. If you ‘edit’ please remember to ‘Save for approval’. Edits will need to be approved before they are published. Deleted items will be removed straight away. We do not save deleted items. Please only delete if you are certain.

…delete my account? Log on and select ‘My Account’ from user menu, then select edit. Scroll down and click on ‘Cancel Account’.

…unsubscribe from mailing list? Unsubscribe here

…know when an event has been approved? We aim to approve listing within three working days.

… join the mailing list? Sign up here

… get my event / article / org on the home page? Make sure your event or article gets seen! If you’d like to promote your content to the home page, please see our section on sponsored content here.

… report content? Spotted inappropriate content, language or images? Please email  including the URL link and detail your concerns.

The colour of my header title is unreadable (too light/too dark) How do I fix this? LoveCamden provides you with the option to change your header text into either black or white. Depending by your Hero image luminosity you'll need to change the heading style/colour from Light (default) to Dark. The light option works with dark images and as opposite dark does with bright ones. When adding/editing your content you will find this option in your first segment, under ‘Dark/Light Heading.’ LoveCamden recommends not using images that include very light and dark tones, as the header title may not be clear. If you are unsure, please use the preview option and revise if necessary.

How big should my images be?

We’re looking for photography which reflects the vibrancy of Camden’s people and places!

Images should be a minimum of 1500x wide, preferably in landscape format. If you need to resize your image you can use a free online image editor (e.g.

Allowed image types: png gif jpg jpeg.

For Event listings images must be larger than 914x616 pixels. Images larger than 1828x1232 pixels will need to be resized.

Images need to have a clear focal point and avoid cluttered backgrounds

Images must be vibrant with high contrast explore a creative use of depth of field

Images featuring people can be a mix of a reportage style (where the subject is not aware of the camera), and shots where the subject is looking directly into the camera

You must have permission to use the image.

All images must be credited as follows: title © photographer / organisation name e.g. Exhibits © British Museum or Camden Market © J. Bloggs



When will my event or listing be approved?

Please allow three working days for your event to be approved.

Why has my event NOT been approved? There are several reasons why LoveCamden might not approve content. Most often, this is due to your event or organisation residing outside of the borough, or offering services not considered as leisure. LoveCamden can also not approve organisations with strong political and/or religious affiliations, generic services that do not provide a cultural offer (e.g. cleaners, handymen, childcare, lawyers, personal trainers) or organisations offering one-on-one private tuition or formal education. Inappropriate or otherwise harmful content will also not be approved and/or deleted, including inappropriate language and/or images.

Approval will always be at the discretion of LoveCamden moderators and we will not enter discussions regarding content not being approved.

Why does my event / article / org need to be approved? LoveCamden prides itself on bringing the cultural offer of the borough to a wider audience. For the sake of clarity, formatting, relevancy and in order to keep LoveCamden up to date, we reserve the right to screen all content displayed here.

Why is my event no longer listed? All our events are displayed for as long as the event runs, or until the conclusion of the event. After this date, for sake of relevancy, validity and accuracy, LoveCamden will inactivate your post automatically. It is therefore mandatory to specify an end date when you list your event.

Which events need to be paid for and which can be offered for free? LoveCamden offers two types of event listings: paid or unpaid, depending on the organisations’ cultural offer.

Free listings are open to organisations/events with a clear cultural offer

This includes art, heritage, exhibitions, public and private galleries, historic houses, museums, theatre, comedy, music, dance performance, spoken word, poetry, visitor attractions - e.g. zoos, associations that offer cultural events, organisations that deliver outreach activities - although their main focus may not be cultural, cinemas that aren’t part of the main chains or organisations / film events in the borough, restaurants/café’s/pubs with a cultural offer, family-friendly / outreach activities but not childcare, workshops/events in Camden Council’s libraries, cultural talks, sports activities that are one-off/ pop events.

Paid listings are available for profit organisations that have a limited cultural offer yet still fit in our main 5 categories: culture, families, get active, going out and shop & eat.

This includes restaurants, coffee shops, leisure and sports that are not one-off or pop-up events, pubs, bars, clubs, and independent or small chain shops. 

How do I know which events are happening in my neighbourhood?

Click on the events tab and filter your search options by neighbourhood

I want to find details of a past event. Where can I find this on your site?

Past events will automatically be de-activated when the event has finished and will not remain on our site.

How do I become a guest blogger?

We are always looking for engaging and original content about our borough. If you would like to submit a one off blog or become a regular guest blogger, please email 



How do I advertise on Love Camden?

Firstly drop us am email to with details of your organisation, campaign and / or event. If suitable for LoveCamden's remit and audience we will be in touch to talk through next steps.

Why can I NOT advertise on Love Camden?  

LoveCamden’s main focus is on creating exposure for cultural initiatives and tourism in the borough, therefore we do not support advertisements for general commercial organisations, such as retail, cleaning agencies, modelling, dog walking, selling tobacco and/or alcohol products, dating websites, dieting, etc.


How does LoveCamden use my data?

Take a look at our Privacy Statement