Uncertain Ruins

Uncertain Ruins Workshops

Swiss Cottage Library
88 Avenue Road
Event time
5 Dec 2019

6.00 pm Mary Yacoob Window Commission Launch

Ground Floor Entrance

Following a creative workshop held at the library in November, Mary Yacoob has produced artworks for the library’s entrance windows. Linking to themes present in Uncertain Ruins she has explored the influence of technology and the ‘machine aesthetic’ in the design of Modernist social housing in the borough of Camden such as The Brunswick and the nearby Alexandra Estate.


6.45pm Joe Banks/Disinformation Talk + Performance


Researcher and artist Joe Banks presents a brief discussion of ideas explored in his exhibition Language [as] Meta-Technology, that explored ideas of language and (auditory and visual) semiotics, in part expressing these ideas through the medium of voice synthesis – the artificial production of human speech. Joe will also read selections from historical and fictional sources, which explore aspects of language and architecture, knowledge and infinity experienced from alternately prosaic and fantastical perspectives.


7.30 pm Paula Smolarska Sculpture+Reading


Smolarska’s work is interested in the interface of the body and the built environment. At the heart of her research lies the idea proposed by the philosopher Gaston Bachelard that dwellings are shelters for daydreaming. Here, imagination completes tactile and visual knowledge.  For Uncertain Ruins Smolarska will present a small sculptural piece made from concrete – a core material of Swiss Cottage Library – materially referencing Modernist architecture and her personal connection to it.  This will be accompanied by a short reading.