Glass Cloud Gallery 2020: Howard Dyke ‘SIREN’

9 July - 16 August Reception: Friday 31 July 6-8pm

Join us for our socially distanced pavement viewing at the Camden Peoples Theatre windows After drinks at Crown & Anchor, Drummond Street

The paintings Dyke has made for ‘SIREN’ at Glass Cloud ‘are not pretty abstractions displayed in a shop window’ he says’ ‘but reflections of the current mood of unease, violence and unrest. I’ve used some of the visual vernacular of painting - pours, splashes gestural brush strokes, colour shifts and spacial plays, but these are physical collages — imagery cut torn & spliced together to form shifting narratives. My attempt to make sense of the world.’

Howard Dyke’s work mixes paint with collage and photographic imagery, raiding styles taken from 1990’s process painting, eighties appropriation through to 1950’s abstraction and Schwitteresque material gathering. He uses charged imagery foraged for in newspapers and the internet as a starting point for his exploration and will tend to investigate a theme over many works. The final reckoning of each one is not an illustration of the source material but a multilayered interpretation of it.

Dyke aims to let the posing describe the image emotively; working fast but using collage elements to then change the pace. These elements migrate around the studio from painting to painting, changing destination until they sit uncomfortably in their new surroundings. He will constantly make and remake paintings layering the visual information again and again, revisiting and changing the nature of successful works. The scars from previous paintings are evident, bloodied, bruised stabbed and cut. The palette is unapologetic- shiny, matt, lurid, soiled, patterned, industrial, hard and soft. Happy and angry.

Dyke (b.1971, London) exhibits between London and New York. He studied at St. Martins and Goldsmiths College in London and works from his studio which often transforms into the art gallery, Ridgeway Road, nestled in the south London railway arches. He has held many solo exhibitions at Charlie Dutton (2011 & 2013), Vijo Gallery (2013) and Thames Side Gallery (2018) to name a few. In 2011 Dyke was shortlisted for the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Art Prize, and the Marmite Painting Prize in 2009. His work is held in private and public collections including Saatchi and Simmons & Simmons.


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