Isolating Together: An outdoor photography exhibition touring Camden

Isolating Together is an outdoor photography exhibition portraying inspiring stories of community, action and solidarity during Covid-19. Running for 10 days, it will be displayed at 18 locations, including a selection of iconic spaces, across Camden, London from 22nd March.

Marking one year since the first Covid-19 lockdown began in the UK, the entirely crowdfunded exhibition celebrates the many people from different walks of life who came together at a time of unprecedented hardship to look after one another. 

Karishma Puri, the artist behind the project, was inspired to capture the images after establishing Covid Mutual Aid in Kentish Town. A WhatsApp-based community group, it was set up for neighbours to support one another and overcome isolation. “It was clear people were facing acute challenges. But I was also aware of a growing hope and community spirit. So I set out to capture this energy and resolve with my camera,” Karishma explains.

Isolating Together, in collaboration with Jack Arts and No Ordinary Experience, will transform spaces like billboards, community spaces, and local shop windows into an outdoor gallery. Each location was carefully selected from among the most meaningful venues in the area. The centrepiece will be displayed across a 14 metre wall at Number 19, the home of community action in Camden. 

Isolating Together


Some of the stories in Isolating Together highlight the vital role that local businesses like Truffles Deli played in keeping people going. As well as providing delicious food, it also acted as a hub where people came to chat and feel like a part of the local area. A thread that kept people connected to the community. 

Other portraits in the exhibition are more personal. Nafisa’s story tells of the suffering in the Somali community at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of how she would read comments in the press about ethnic minorities being ignorant about nutrition while neighbours struggled to get by. But despite her own challenges, she decided to do something to help. Nafisa would end up orchestrating a support system within her community which ensured people had a steady supply of free fruit and vegetables. 

“Nafisa’s story sums up the spirit I set out to capture in Isolating Together,” says Karishma. “People from diverse backgrounds who might have only shared a postcode in the months before lockdown were now sharing their food and their time with one another.”

Anna Wright, Cabinet Member for Promoting Neighbourhoods and Communities, Camden Council agrees: “The Isolating Together exhibition is a joyous celebration of Camden’s residents and the ways people have drawn strength from each other – overcoming physical distance – to endure the adversity of the Covid pandemic. These vibrant pictures of vibrant people – so different yet so united - will capture our hearts and minds and make us proud to be part of the beating heart of Camden.”

Georgina Bednar, founder of No Ordinary Experience says: “Karishma has connected so many people over the last year, entirely off her own back. She has made it possible for people like me, who felt incredibly isolated, to connect. In reflecting individual stories back to the community, she is once again giving residents something to be proud of. She is creating the space for us to all pause and reflect on what the last year has meant. I, for one, need this and think many people across Camden do too.”

Isolating Together


JACK ARTS also comments “Our local communities have become more important than ever before. We are delighted to be supporting Karishma’s incredibly inspiring Isolating Together project, which celebrates the heart-warming community spirit in Camden during such a difficult time. Art and culture should be for everyone and made accessible for all to enjoy – we hope that using our poster space as an outdoor gallery will help to bring even more positivity and unity to the Camden community.”

Residents and visitors alike will be able to get a sense of this unique community spirit during self-guided walking tours of the exhibition from Monday 22nd March. There’s even a map to help them, available here. | @isolating.together | #IsolatingTogetherCamden