London School of Economics

Top 30 things in Camden: London School of Economics

Established in 1895 by members of the Fabian Society, the London School for Economics was founded as a way to better society. LSE is recognized as one of the leading social sciences universities in the world and hosts over 200 free events each year for which notable figures in economics and social sciences are invited to speak. Everyone is welcome! Missed it? No problem: for those who cannot make it they also offer an extensive list of fascinating podcasts to listen to via their website. 

Each year they host the annual literary festival, Space for Thought, on themes such as Utopia, Reflections and this year; Revolutions. 

And LSE does not stop at teaching and researching economics: they have a vibrant Art Department and set up regular exhibitions as well as display permanent works of art, from murals, paintings and installations to sculptures. There are eleven sculptures in total, made by various artists, which were donated by alumnus Louis Odette and placed all around campus as a way to encourage a cultural atmosphere. 

Keep your eyes out for art as you walk around campus! On the corner of LSE’s New Academic Building, between Kingsway and Sardinia Street, you can find a work by Richard Wilson, called On The Block: a humorous, playful, architectural intervention in which the building’s corner is remodeled. On the southwest corner of the Lionel Robbins Building on Portugal Street you can find Bluerain by Michael Brown, a light installation reflecting the research being conducted inside the library building, as books are being checked out and returned. 

They also offer a monthly open-mic night and lunchtime concerts.   

Exterior LSE
London School of Economics (c) LSE