Primrose Hill

Summer never really leaves the grassy slopes of Primrose Hill. No matter the season, this area offers endless sights and beautiful morning strolls.

“Let's get drunk on Saturday / walk on Primrose Hill until we lose our way / We'll get sunburned on the grass / Playing silly buggers 'til I make a pass..” 

Emiliana Torrini already sang the virtues and attractions of Primrose Hill in her song “Unemployed in Summertime,” which perfectly captures the laid back atmosphere and heat drenched promises of its green hills and fair views. Primrose Hill is a fascinating part of London with arguably the best view across the city, a perfect place to lie down and relax while doing some excellent site seeing and people watching. 

Nestled in between Camden Town and Regent's Park you will find a fascinating mix of people, amazing architecture and a relaxed bohemian vibe. You can get some top tips on where to visit by Primrose Hill blogger and expert, Jimmy Kyriacou on his guest blog here.