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Summer is on its way and we hope London will see some sun! There are plenty of great activities to do around Camden, whether you want to soak up some sunshine or hide from the heat. We've compiled a list of the best things to for when the hotter weather hits - from festivals to kayaking, there's something for everyone!
Camden is the centre of the London Music scene and has been since the 70's. Read our Top Ten on the essential music venues in Camden.
Camden supports innovative public art as part of new developments in the borough, to create and showcase Camden and design an environment that’s unique and will give pleasure to our residents, businesses and the many visitors. Here is a list of the Top 10 Public Artworks to see around Camden.
January, a time for resolutions which don't really last. For when those January blues hit, we’ve made it easier for you to stick to your resolutions and compiled a list of the best Vegan restaurants to find around Camden.
The vinyl revival is thriving in Camden and here are our top 10 record shops, mapped out so you can plan a platter-ful afternoon in Camden Town.
Mindfulness and meditation may be thousands of years old, but it is enjoying a big boom in the present day, fitting right in with the millennial interest in spirituality and connection. In this post, we focus on 10 places in which to feel like you are part of ‘the universal life force’, without leaving Camden.
Looking for half-term ideas to keep the kids entertained? Spark your kids’ curiosity with the latest events and exhibitions from the Mile. Spanning from King’s Cross to the River Thames, Museum Mile is an intriguing collection of 13 extraordinary museums.
From some of the world’s biggest museums, to the quaint and the quirky, there’s over a million objects to see and explore in this cultural neighbourhood.

We're all dreading it but it'll soon be that time: the rainy season has officially started. After all, this is England, and after every sunny summer comes the inevitable drizzle. But fear not! Love Camden has selected the best places to hide away from the rain and make the best of the autumn wet-season.
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