Top 10 Ice-Cream places in Camden

Our top picks to get your summer fix

Feel like you're on holiday in Camden and stay cool in this sunny weather with our favourite places for all your ice-cream needs. 

1. The hipster ice-cream: Cereal Killer Café

Cereal Killer ice cream

Available only from Cereal Killers’ Camden Branch these cerealsly delicious ice-creams are available in three flavours: Lucky Charms, Frosties and Coco Pops. 

2. The contemporary ice-cream: Chin Chin Labs

With flavours changing every week you can enjoy these delicious treats whilst chilling by Camden Lock. 

3. The institution: Marine Ices


© Matt Russel

This home of authentic Italian gelato has been in London since 1931 with the first (and obviously, best) parlour opening in Camden. With over 40 fantastic flavours that will have you spoilt for choice!

4. The Gelato: Oddonos

According to this award-winning Fresh Natural Gelato parlour in Hampstead, life's too short to eat bad ice cream, and we couldn't agree more! 

5. The every flavour you can imagine: Sprinkles Gelato

Fast becoming the most popular dessert parlour in the south of England, you can check out the delights of Sprinkles Gelato in Swiss Cottage. Eaten by itself, coupled with another delicious dessert or with barista made coffee, using only the finest Arabica beans, their friendly gelatarias await you! 

6. The ice-cream cake: Scoop Gelato

Ice cream cake

Two of our favourite things combined: a layer of soft, buttery sponge topped with layers of delicious gelato. Perfect for an extra special treat! 

7. The ice pop: Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet

Based in King's Cross and Tufnell park Ruby Violet is the perfect guilt-free option: they use organic milk, free range eggs, fresh fruit and all their packaging is either recyclable or compostable. Fruits are all locally sourced where possible. 

8. The ‘grown up’ ice cream: Cheers Ice-Cream

© Federico Eccher

If Ruby Violet's all sounds a bit too healthy then head to Cheers Ice-Cream for a more naughty option... alcoholic ice-creams including Toffee+Vodka, Mojito, Chocolate Espresso Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri!

9. The alcoholic ice pop: Fortnum and Mason (inside St Pancras Station)

Any excuse for a peruse in Fortnum and Mason whilst awaiting a train at St Pancras, these alcoholic ice pops are your perfect summer train ride accompaniment.

10. The nutty choice: SicilyAmo 


SicilyAmo make their own Gelato in a range of 24 different flavours with pistachio and hazelnut being among their most popular. They ensure nobody is left out by also making vegan ice-cream! 




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