Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata: 100 Years, 100 Photographs

Chalton Gallery
96 Chalton Street
Event time
6:00 pm - 5:00 pm
5 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019
5 Nov 2019
6 Nov 2019
7 Nov 2019
8 Nov 2019
9 Nov 2019
10 Nov 2019

Come celebrate Mexican style at the Chalton Gallery for the opening night of Emiliano Zapata: 100 Years, 100 Photographs. Enjoy 100 atmospheric photographs and FREE Mexican drinks and finger food.

Che Guevara, Vladimir Lenin err Nigel Farage :-(... Only a small % of people that influence our lives are remembered and it's not always because they've done something positive. Whilst others trying to be valiant do not always get the airtime they deserve outside of their own country.

One such man was Emiliano Zapata, name ring any bells? Perhaps not. He gave his life for championing the rights of the poor in Mexico, particularly in the state of Morelos, before and after the Mexican Revolution. It's been 100 years since his assassination so the time is right to remember his life and learn about the impact he has had on modern-day Mexico.

This FREE event is ideal for fans of gritty portrait photography, lovers of Latino culture and history buffs. Those that like Mexican food and drink will also appreciate the opening night on 05/11/2019 when refreshments are provided.

The exhibition features the photography of Gustavo Casasola as well as images from other Mexican archives.

This event is supported by the Institute of Latin American Studies (School of Advanced Studies, University of London) and the Institute of the Americas (University College London), with the participation of the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom and runs until 10/11/2019.

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Artists / Speakers: Gustavo Casasola.