Glass Cloud Gallery 2019: Lothar Gotz and Alice Wilson

Glass Cloud Gallery is a London based, independent, pop up window gallery founded by artist Hannah Luxton in 2013. The initiative connects the public with fine art practices by collaborating with businesses to commission highly visible exhibitions in windows for the passing world to see. Glass Cloud exhibitions offer new, thought provoking moments in the everyday, created by London’s most exciting art graduates, emerging and mid career artists.

Every summer for four years Glass Cloud has showcased exhibitions by London artists in the Camden Peoples Theatre windows, facing out onto the busy Hampstead Road. This year current stars on the art scene Lothar Götz and Alice Wilson will present back to back exhibitions.


Lothar Götz’s practice ranges from site-specific wall paintings and room-sized spatial installations to paintings and drawings. There is a clear coherence across his body of work in its continual referencing and engagement with ideas about architecture and space; his painting is characterised by its use of abstract geometric forms, fields and lines of intense colour, juxtaposed with one another.

His work is informed by real factors of circumstance, site, or the particular inhabitants or histories of a building, space or place, but mixes these factors with further imaginary or fantasy ones. Similarly many of his drawings represent the floor plans of idealised dwellings, sometimes for specific people or historical figures, sometimes for imagined ones. Together they form part of an ongoing series exploring spatial ideas for domestic spaces: apartments, houses, bungalows, villas.

Colour in these drawings is used to denote the functions and atmospheres of rooms, or the situations and qualities of the surrounding landscape – whether a Schloß set in a meadow or a bungalow overlooking the sea. It also takes its cue from the imagined identity of the supposed occupier: a web of imaginative factors continually feed into the geometrical arrangement of forms and colour. Götz sees colour as both beautiful and a fundamental aspect of life that surrounds us. He often references his favourite flowers, the design of a garden, or a piece of architecture in his work, seeing his practice as opposite in process to that of architectural design, which renders ideas concrete as built form. Lothar Götz is more interested in the classical idea of art as active fantasy – something practised as part of a personal strategy to escape from reality. — Contemporary Art Society


Wilson creates site responsive works, that are concerned with ideas of nature, renewal and the urban environment. Her act of bringing the natural world into the city with an invigorating palette creates striking and thought provoking installations that have a playful and childlike approach for all to relate to and enjoy.

 Her sculptures are currently installed at Cheeseburn Sculpture Park, Newcastle, UK. Solo exhibitions include JGM Gallery (forthcoming 2019), Goat Moth, Godsbanen, Denmark, 2018, DOLPH Project Space, London 2017, and From A Few Different Angles, Art Lacuna, London 2014. Recent group exhibitions include Modern Finance at Thames Side Studios, London 2019, London Art Fair, 2019, The Waiting Room, Camberwell Space, London 2018, Harder Edge at Saatchi Gallery, London 2018 and Surface


handle: @_glasscloud