Mind, body, buildings - exploring space through Yoga

This collaborative film ‘An exploration of yoga asanas in iconic architectural and public spaces across Camden' brings together a number of Yoga Asana’s that encourage moments of stillness and reflection within an urban context. From dawn at Parliament Hill to the brutalist architecture of the Alexandra & Ainsworth estate, to pocket parks and Kings Cross. The sounds of the city punctuate the flow as a reminder of life in the city as we take time to focus ourselves and calm the mind within the ever changing landscape. Each Asana is based on a pose that can be easily practiced amongst our busy lives, encouraging each and every one of us to take time to breathe and create a sense of calm within the busy urban environment.

This year as a part of Camden Kalā, Camden Council’s annual arts programme celebrating the UK/India year of culture, shines a spotlight on India’s vibrant heritage both within Camden and beyond. This newly commissioned film, a collaboration between artist Laurie Nouchka and Directors James & James, featuring Kathryn Fielding, travels the length of the Borough from Hampstead Heath to Covent Garden and highlights some of Camden’s most beautiful public spaces and parks.

The Camden Kalā programme explores dance, music, film, academic text and the visual arts. Family workshops, walking tours, artists film screenings, yoga and food will all be featured.


An exploration of yoga asanas in iconic architectural and public spaces across Camden' will be screened along with a number of pop up Yoga sessions as a part of the KX Festiwell taking place across Granary Square, Kings Cross on 6 August 2017. There are two Camden Kalā yoga sessions at 12.30 - 1pm and 4.30 - 5pm.


About the artists and practitioners:

Laurie Nouchka’s art works are all inspired and informed by movement, be it through human form, architectural landscapes or travel. Her collection ‘for those that move’ can be found in stores, galleries and boutique hotels internationally who have also commissioned her to create site responsive pieces. Laurie has been developing artworks on limited edition, luxury active wear for the last 3 years. She has collaborated with a number of private clients for bespoke works as well as creating her own city inspired collections featuring some of the world’s most iconic buildings including The Shard in London and The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. laurienouchka.com

Kathryn Fielding trained with The Yoga People to share how yoga can positively affect you both physically and psychologically. For Kathryn yoga helps to calm an anxious mind, whilst having the added benefits of resulting in feelings of clarity, focus and physical rejuvenation. kathrynfielding.co.uk

James & James is the directing partnership between Jamie McCormack and James Coyle. A Londoner and an Omagh man with a passion for narrative and documentary short form content. Jamie would describe James Coyle as one of them good’uns. Someone who always finds a shot and sees the edit as he shoots and always shoots for the best a project can be. James would describe Jamie McCormack as a bad-film buff and writer of non-sensical poetry and average fiction who luckily found his feet as a filmmaker. Their working styles complement each other - Coyle is visual, McCormack narrative; meaning their films combine a heightened aesthetic with a sense of story. jamesandjames.co