Regent's Place

Top 30 things in Camden: Regent's Place

Regent’s Place is a mixed-use campus in Euston, developed around ideas of people meeting, eating, drinking and spending time together. As such, the space has been designed to have a number of open spaces and buildings interlaced with numerous public art installations by both internationally acclaimed as well as new talent, all commissioned by British Land. When walking around Regent’s Place you can see works by, amongst others, Liam Gillick, Antony Gormley and a large mural by Michael Craig-Martin. The open space, called Triton Square, includes art features by Langlands and Bell.  

Regent’s Place’s on site team develops an versatile annual events programme each year, offering a mix of public events during lunch times in the summer as well as charity events, farmers markets and much more. There is free WiFi across the whole estate, and its shopping mall will leave residents and visitors wanting for nothing. 

Inspired by the Irish Giant’s Causeway, an impressive natural rock formation, Regent’s Place developed an imaginative seating arrangement that channeled a similar concept. Stretched out on ground level you can find an arrangement of differently sized granite blocks, hollowed out to varying degrees and set onto steel frames, creating a variance in height and a great place to sit down and take in the views.  

Three people sitting in deck chairs at Regent's Place, Camden

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