Quiet Down There Workshops: Citizen

22 April - 15 July 2018

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of women partially getting the vote, provided they were aged over 30, married and had sufficient wealth to pay taxes and own property.  July 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of the Equal Franchise Act 1928, which gave women the right to vote at age 21 on the same terms as men. 

Quiet Down There will work with a group of young women in the borough to explore what life was like for women like them prior to the Equal Franchise Act 1928 and what they feel their political agency is now. Through a series of conversations and workshops alongside 'Citizen', an exhibition by Tash Kahn and John Ros, we’ll explore visibility, voice and power.

Workshops will take place with schools within the exhibition on Tuesday 26th June and 3rd July 11am-1pm.

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Click here for 'Citizen' by John Ros and Tash Kahn, at Swiss Cottage Gallery