Quilts at the Library

by London Quilters, 2019

3rd - 28th June 2019
Private View: 6pm – 8.00pm, 4th June, 2019

London Quilters are welcomed back for their ninth exhibition in Swiss Cottage Gallery. The large selection of quilts that are on display have been made and, in most cases, designed by the members of London Quilters. The quilts in this exhibition provide a significant insight into the broad spectrum of this art.

Originally created to serve as a utilitarian piece of bedding, the quilt was designed for daily use. Often its best side was turned over only when there were visitors, such as the doctor. The quilt can be seen as an heirloom that reflects the sentiments and history of its creators and owners. Traditional quilts were generally made from worn scraps of fabric, but these days a quilt can include any form of material, from paper to wood, though there must always be more than one layer. Quilt-making has developed into an art form in its own right, something that can be seen clearly in the many artistic quilts displayed in this exhibition.

A group quilt, Turning Triangles, (seen above) has been made to raffle for charity.  With a break from tradition, the quilt was inspired by the Modern Quilt movement.  The simple, clean block design appealed to novice and expert quilters alike to the extent that we had many surplus blocks which have been made into other items for sale at the exhibition.

The charity the London Quilters are supporting is Family Action. Funds raised will be used to support Young Carers in Camden and Islington by sending some of them on a residential respite break in the summer.  This might be their only holiday but, more importantly, helps them to meet and bond with other young carers.  We hope that the sale of raffle tickets will be healthy and enable many placements.