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Strictly Come Dancing

Beginning in 2004, Strictly Come Dancing has since become a phenomenal success, being one of the most well know TV shows the UK has to offer. Much of its success could come from its roots, which were established by Come Dancing, which began in 1950, and continued until 1998. The British people were glad to see a return to dance featuring on the BBC on their Saturday evening. The show also alludes to the film Strictly Ballroom, which had won many awards and was very popular after its release in 1992. The variety of dances that the show offers permits it to allow each and every episode and dance to be original and the beautiful outfits excite the audience. The show is family friendly and suitable for those of all ages. Strictly Come Dancing is certainly responsible for the rise and new interest in the  Waltz, Tango, and  Foxtrot and certainly influenced audiences and participants of linking into the Camden Tea Dances