Watermelon, Fish and Half Ghost

Watermelon, Fish and Half Ghost: Contemporary Artists' films from India

A series of films by contemporary artists based in India, presented at Swiss Cottage Gallery from 11 - 16 September 2017

Swiss Cottage Gallery, Swiss Cottage Library, London NW3 3HA

Monday - Thursday 10am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday     10am - 5pm

India is a country of contrasts – multifaceted, vibrant, busy, noisy, inspiring, frustrating and unpredictable. Evolving quickly due to urbanisation and development, India is also grappling with great poverty. This has created a unique environment that is challenging, infuriating and complex. There is a sense of displacement – social, political, cultural, geographical and economic. From this churning of the proverbial ocean interesting perspectives and points of view emerge, which serve to question, dispute, provoke and confront.



This selection of films can be seen as responses to being in contemporary India, touching on experiences, histories, memories and fantasies that shape the way an individual responds to being in a diverse and complex country. This screening brings together a younger generation of artists living and working in different parts of India. They use humour, play, irony, fantasy and abstraction to negotiate these ever-changing territories, cultures and identities, drawing on the past, present and future as ways in which to understand new references and locate themselves within India today. Chinmoyi Patel.

Filmmakers include: Arshad Hakim, Abhishek Hazra, Payal Kapadia, Aditi Kulkarni, Chinmoyi Patel, Amol Patil, Prabhakar Pachpute, and Sahej Rahal

Curated by Chinmoyi Patel

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