Windrush Day
Windrush Day 2020
Windrush Day was introduced on 22 June 2018, on the 70th anniversary of the date when hundreds of passengers from the Caribbean arrived to the UK aboard the MV Empire Windrush. Windrush Day is intended to recognise and honour the significant contributions of the Windrush Generation to British social, cultural and political life.

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Photograph of John Hazel, Harold Wilmot and John Richards at Tilbury Docks, June 1948 - © Popperfoto/Getty Images/Contributor
Resident Stories: Olive
Olive, a service user at Kingsgate Centre:

“It gets forgotten that black people were here a long time before Windrush. I saw a Black History Month feature recently in the Camden New Journal with local figures going back to the 1700s and slavery. I pulled it out to keep – and I want to read Olaudah Equiano’s book now.”

“It’s important to remember the contributions of black people to this country. For instance, people from the West Indies did a lot for Britain during World War 2. My cousin served in the RAF.”

“I’m 92 years old, and came to London in 1955. It took weeks to reach England from Jamaica. I travelled with civil servants and someone who was going to study law and was appointed to the Queen’s Counsel. I worked in the rag trade, sewing, then I became a nurse’s aide and worked in St Mary’s Hospital helping with delivering children.

“It was hard back then without support with childcare so then I focused on raising my family. I moved to the US with my husband, but came back after he passed away, because my children and grandchildren are here.”
Windrush Books
Digital Titles
Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation by Colin Grant

Leave Taking by Winsome Pinnock

The Windrush Betrayal: Exposing The Hostile Environment by Amelia Gentleman

Black and British by David Olusoga

Staying Power by Peter Fryer

Windrush 1948: Legacy and Assessment by Trevor Harris

Shame on Me by Tessa McWatt

Small Island by Andrea Levy

Voices of the Windrush Generation: The Real Story by David Matthews

Beyond Windrush by J. Dillon Brown

Windrush: A Ship Through Time by Paul Arnott

Surge by Jay Bernard

Homecoming by Colin Grant

Familiar Stranger by Stuart Hall

This Lovely City by Louise Hare

The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon

Lovers and Strangers by Clair Wills

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(Image: Familiar Stranger by Stuart Hall)