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Camden Council building - Not for self but for all
Our response to Coronavirus
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Camden Council will act as a community leader bringing together organisations and key partners to keep vital services running and mobilise the huge community spirit which exists in Camden.

We are here to keep you connected to Camden's culture and support our creative scene by changing Love Camden to include digital events and resources available to you.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, said:

'This is going to be a tough period and things will change every day - but we can get through it by thinking of each other with every action, and taking care of our neighbours along with ourselves. Our communities make Camden - and will help us through this.'

Living alone apart together
Staying at Home - 2020 Summer Exhibition
During this extraordinary time of Covid-19 induced lock-down we are creatively moved to draw and paint what we see. This might mean the view from our windows, our loved ones, or simply the everyday mundane of our immediate surroundings. The Camden Art Collection contains over seven hundred artworks ranging from examples from the Bloomsbury Group through to works by the Kitchen Sink School of artists. We have selected some of the best examples of domestic and familial scenes and invite you to be inspired to create your own artworks in response to your domestic surrounds and circumstances. Read more here.
Museum of the Imagination
Museum of the Imagination
We are delighted to welcome you to explore the Museum of the Imagination…

Just before lockdown the brilliant year 4 students at Carlton Primary School constructed a new museum – the Museum of the Imagination. Collaborating with illustrators at Pencil & Help the students imagined a space where anything could happen! They imagined, drew, designed and worked together to make this fabulous book, which can also be experienced through augmented reality!
Camden Alive - Peter Adjaye
Camden Alive
Camden Alive is a programme of arts and cultural events that celebrates the people of Camden. Sharing our diverse heritage through creativity, Camden Alive will capture the sights, sounds and spirit of the borough and what it means to live and work in Camden. Through music, dance, food, fashion, gardening, performance and visual art the stories of our neighbourhoods will unfold and be showcased by the creation of the virtual Camden People’s Museum.
Camden Under lockdown
Camden Alive Under Lockdown Activity Booklet
Here is a booklet filled with some creative ideas to brighten up the times under lockdown and beyond! They are brought to you by a range of artists who worked with people in Camden last year to make new artwork across the borough. This was part of the Camden Alive project, which will be back post pandemic!

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